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Our WalDron education system for students in grades 1st to 8th, our "early world of success" program lays the foundation for future achievements. Through innovative learning experiences and skill development initiatives, we seed the mindset for success and inspire young minds to reach their full potential.


WalDron Education, also known as Dr. Dron Education, is built upon the educational philosophy of Dr. Dron Rathore, the founder of SHARPNERR. Beyond mere completion of syllabi, WalDron Education places significant emphasis on fostering the development and enhancement of students' grasping power, innovation, imagination, planning, strategy, humanity, focus, creativity, and overall capability.

The educational approach at WalDron is focused on nurturing students' intellectual, imaginative, and practical skills with a strong emphasis on fostering creativity and imagination.
WalDron Education adopts a developmental approach inspired by Dr. Dron's theory of childhood development, which aims to foster children's imagination, innovation, limitless thinking, and holistic development encompassing physical, behavioral, emotional, social, aspects for each student.

In early childhood education at WalDron, young learners are best engaged through immersive participation in practical activities, emphasizing experiential education and imaginative play. The curriculum's overarching goal is to instill in children a sense of the society, innovation, humanity, focus & being happy in life.


Ideas Driven By Passion

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Explored Learning

Nurturing Creativity

Holistic Development

Strong Foundations


Being a first-choice employer within our sectors. Our process applies techniques from a variety of disciplines.

Activity Analysis

Assessing children's interests and abilities through various activities to identify their strengths and areas for development.

Parents Planning

Collaborating with parents to create a supportive environment at home that complements the child's learning journey.

Interest Identification

Identifying children's passions and interests to tailor the learning experience according to their individual preferences.

Final Conclusion

Summarizing the findings from the assessment phase and outlining the key areas of focus for the child's growth and development.

Interest Infusion

Infusing children's interests into the learning curriculum to make education more engaging and relevant to their lives.

Training & Development

Providing specialized training and development programs to enhance children's skills and competencies in various areas.


Continuously monitoring and analyzing children's progress to track their development and make adjustments to the program.

Action Plan

Creating a customized action plan for each child based on their strengths, interests, and areas for improvement.

Implementation & Review

Implementing the action plan and regularly reviewing children's progress to ensure continuous growth and success.


Explore the myriad opportunities and resources offered by SHARPNERR. Reach out to us for personalized consultations, partnership inquiries, or simply to stay updated on the latest trends in education and industries. Let’s build success together!
SHARPNERR is an all-encompassing platform dedicated to bridging gaps between education and industries, revolutionizing the way individuals navigate their career paths. With a holistic approach, SHARPNERR offer a wide array of services tailored to various stakeholders. For students, SHARPNERR provide comprehensive training and placement programs, equipping the students with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the professional world.

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Explore the myriad opportunities and resources offered by Sharpnerr. Reach out to us for personalized consultations, partnership inquiries, or simply to stay updated on the latest trends in education and industry. Let's build success together!