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Recruitment Cost Reduction

Streamline your recruitment processes and reduce manpower costs with Sharpnerr's tailored solutions. Through innovative strategies and advanced techniques, we are helping out businesses in optimization of their workforce while minimizing expenditure.


Our approach to talent acquisition goes beyond traditional methods. We focus on organic talent acquisition, identifying and recruiting capable individuals who align with your organization's culture and goals. With our personalized approach, we ensure a seamless integration of talent into your team.

Profit Before Sales & Business Growth

Prioritize profitability and sustainable growth with our strategic consulting services. We help businesses shift their focus from short-term sales targets to long-term profitability, driving sustainable growth and success in today's dynamic market.

Capability &

Invest in your workforce's capabilities and competencies with our comprehensive and innovative training programs. From skill development to leadership training and beyond, we empower your team to excel in their roles, foster collaboration, and drive business success.

BEST Culture Building SOLUTION

Cultivate a thriving organizational culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, and employee engagement. Our culture-building initiatives help businesses create a positive work environment where employees feel valued, motivated, and empowered to contribute to the company's success.

Startup Business Support

For aspiring entrepreneurs, our startup support services offer guidance and assistance in every step of the business establishment process. From ideation to execution, we provide the resources and expertise needed to turn entrepreneurial dreams into successful ventures.

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Skill Sync

Unlock the seamless transition from classroom to career with Sharpnerr. Our agency specializes in guiding students to acquire industry-relevant skill sets, ensuring a direct pathway to success.

Gap Guru

Explore a revolutionary approach to education and industry collaboration with Sharpnerr. We meticulously guide students in acquiring the precise skill sets demanded by the ever-evolving job market.

Industry Insight

Experience the efficiency of education aligned with industry needs through Sharpnerr. We're not just an agency; we're architects of success. Our guidance empowers students to acquire the exact skill sets sought by industries.

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Exploring Success Stories

Our Valuable Customers

Training & 100% Guaranteed Placement

From Education Insights to Business Consultancy, We've Got You Covered!

Education Insights

Gain valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of education, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Skill Development

Sharpen your skill set through targeted training programs designed to meet the demands of the current job market.

Strategic Placements

Connect with opportunities that align with your skills and aspirations, paving the way for a successful fulfilling career.

Career Growth

Experience continuous career growth with personalized strategies, resources to navigate your professional journey.

Business Consultancy

Unlock potential of business with expert consultancy services, guiding towards sustainable growth and success.

People Training

Cultivate a dynamic skilled workforce through customized training programs, enhancing organizational efficiency.

Free Training & 100% Placement

Unlock career excellence with our Free Training & 100% Placement program designed for engineers in Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Automotive, Mechatronics, and Industrial Engineering. Elevate your skills for a seamless transition to a fulfilling career journey.

Note: WhatsApp your Name, College, Branch and Year.

Education and 100% Employment
(Training and 100% Placement)
12th Pass to Graduates & above.

Empowerment Pathways

From Entrepreneurial Aspirations to Corporate Leadership

Employment Readiness Program

Confidence Office MGMT. Money Optimize Next
Communication Business Team MGMT Company Creation Excel Latest Technology
Decision Making Finance Conflict MGMT Budget PowerPoint Latest Software
Self Motivation Operations Time MGMT Taxation Email Wellness
Silence HR Customer Handling Digital Marketing Documentation Specialization-1
Carry Sense Research Problem Solving Online Sales ChatGPT Specialization-2
Failure Handling IT PDCA Product/ Services Generative ΑΙ Specialization-3


6 Months (60 Man-Days)


12th Pass to Graduate to PhD (All Stream) or 1-2 years Exp. Holder


Admission by Entrance Exam


50+ Projects, 50+ Tests, Software Learning, Interview Mock, Resume making


Job Offer & Certification

Fee Structure

99000 to 499000/- (depend on Education, Targeted Package, Target Industry, Roles, etc..)

Strategic Approach for Excellence

Explore the dynamic approach of Sharpnerr in shaping individuals for success across various roles and competencies. Our innovative methods, including Classroom Training, Role Play, Live Projects, and Certifications, ensure a comprehensive understanding of industry systems and entrepreneurial skills. Under "Role Competency," we empower you with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in your chosen field.


Approach–Classroom Training, Role Play, Live Projects, Certifications.
Deliverable– Industry System Knowledge, Entrepreneur skill


Approach - Classroom Training, Role Play
Deliverable – Customer Focus, Business Etiquette, Conflict Mgmt


Approach- Classroom Training, Tools/Technology Exposure
Deliverable- Technical Expertise to Match Current Industry, SME


Approach- 3E Capability Building Model
Deliverable- Education – Exposure – Experience

3E Capability Model


+ Open Syllabus (30%) to Match Industry Speed.
+ Latest System, Software, Technology Training.


+ Organization Model and Multiple Role Play Experience.
+ Start-up support to Students for Practical Experience


+ Hands-on Experience & Live Project
+ Competition & Seminar

Connect with Us

Explore the myriad opportunities and resources offered by Sharpnerr. Reach out to us for personalized consultations, partnership inquiries, or simply to stay updated on the latest trends in education and industry. Let's build success together!